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November 5, 2018

California, Los Angeles, and Pasadena Propositions — November 2018 — FAQ

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For my thoughts on the California statewide propositions and Los Angeles County and Pasadena City measures we vote on this week, click any proposition below:

Statewide propositions

Prop 1 — $4 Billion General Obligation Bonds for affordable housing ($3 billion) and loans to veterans ($1 billion)

Yes. This will effectively assign money from the existing state budget to pay for projects organized by local governments, nonprofit organizations, and private developers. Veterans using this program for loans will repay their portion. It is the equivalent of about $6 per year for each Californian.

Prop 2 — Directs funds for general mental health services specifically to housing for individuals with mental illness.

Yes. This makes sure that what is already being done in California will pass muster with courts, and it does not actually change the amount we pay for these services.

Prop 3 — General revenue bonds for water projects.

Leaning Yes. This proposal has the effect of requiring the state to spend a portion of general funds on water projects. I am not sure of the proper proportion that the state should spend. But one effect of this proposal is that local governments and water managers would be able to improve infrastructure using this state money. This could mean that water consumers would benefit from the proposal. I am leaning towards yes.

Prop 4 — Construction bonds for children’s health care.

Yes. Bond would fund grants based on, among other things, contribution to the improvement of child or pediatric health care.

Prop 5 — Reduces property tax impact of selling a house in California and buying a new one.

Leaning Yes. This is not a “strong yes.” The proposition will make it easier for homeowners to relocate within California, but it will also keep the most wealthy from paying as much in property tax when they buy and sell houses.

Prop 6 — Eliminate some state fuel taxes.

No. We use roads in California. We should pay to keep maintain them. This proposal would also eliminate funding for mass transit projects that alleviate congestion on highways.

Prop 7 — Allow legislature to forego Daylight Saving Time in California.

No. I do not want the legislature to be able to pass a law that would make the sun come up at either 4:30am (in the summer) or 8:30am (in the winter).

Prop 8 — Regulate charges for kidney dialysis.

No. This might do nothing to costs of dialysis, but it will definitely add red tape to billing processes.

Prop 10 — Allow cities to enact rent control on residential property.

Yes. This does not impose rent control on any properties in California. It merely allows individual cities and counties to implement rent control if their communities’ representatives choose to enact such ordinances.

Prop 11 — Let ambulance crews stay available for responses during their lunch breaks.

Yes. Fills a hole in labor law.

Prop 12 — Standards for animal confinement.

No. This actually appears to do more harm than good to chickens.

Los Angeles County Measure

Measure W — Increase property tax by 2.5¢ per square foot of building or driveway (for safety of water supply and discharge)

Yes. Sure. I will pay an extra $35 per year to help keep water supplies clean.

Pasadena City Measures

Measure I — Increase local sales tax by ¾¢.

Yes. This ensures that local sales taxes will remain in Pasadena and not be usurped by LA County if/when they increase sales taxes.

Measure J — Advise Pasadena to allot to city services ⅔ of any revenue from Measure I and use the remaining ⅓ to support Pasadena public schools.

Yes. Good schools cost money.

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