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July 6, 2015

Lava Falls Rapid — July 2, 2015

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Eric, Beth, Rex, Amy, Christine, and I paddled together through the Lava Falls Rapids on the Colorado River in Grand Canyon. Our guide, Tom, led us through flawlessly. Many thanks go to Outdoors Unlimited for the spectacular week-long experience! On this day (July 2, 2015) the river was flowing at about 17,000 cfs.

The rapid went smoothly for our boat (the first paddle boat of our group to go through), but after those quick thirty seconds passed, we spent the following two and a half minutes positioning ourselves for swimmers who washed out of their boats behind us.

Everyone from our four paddle rafts and four supply boats eventually made it to Tequila Beach for our overnight camp. Marco arrived nursing a sore knee from an impact in the raft.

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