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April 11, 2007

Dear Megan

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April 11, 2007

Well, Megan,

You finally convinced me that I should be better about writing back to you. Not much is going on here in Savannah, so instead I will tell you what Bravo did Monday morning:

I took them (Reggie, Dekker, Bravo, Linus, Etta) out hiking Monday morning all by myself while Kaelyn was off hiking/camping/back-packing with Jeff, Robin, and Jonathan.

Nothing weird happened on the trip with the dogs, but that changed quickly when I got home. I had all of the dogs in the truck, with Bravo in back and everyone else in the cab with me. I pulled into the driveway, got out the driver’s side door, and walked around the back of the truck to let Bravo out.

Usually the dogs wait until the tailgate is down to jump out, but this time Bravo jumped over the tailgate as soon as I had the hatch open. I hoped, even though I knew it to be hopeless, that he was in a hurry to get to the front door before anyone else so he could be the first one in. But of course it would not be that simple.

Instead, he blasted out after a cat that escaped my notice in the bushes in front of the porch. The cat made it all of the way to Sonia’s house (the one with Cameron and Austin) before Bravo caught it.

And once he caught it, there was no letting go. The cat, knowing its life to be imminently at risk, fought back furiously, clamping its nasty cat teeth into Bravo’s upper left lip.

The two of them were so death-gripped to each other that no amount of work at Bravo’s rear end (the only end I dared to get near) could shake the two of them apart.

Eventually Ceci (Kaelyn’s sister who was staying over while Kaelyn was away) got a hose turned on the two of them, so they finally let go of each other. The cat, to my amazement, was then able to scoot away and run under Sonia’s house. I was pretty sure it was going to die under there in the next hour because it had lost a lot of blood, and I also think Bravo hurt some of its bones.

Ceci and I then took Bravo to the vet to have his wounds looked at, and now, $220 later, he is back home, on antibiotics and with a swollen lip.

So how hard has it been to read my writing in this letter? Was it worth it? If not, let me know, and I will stop writing. 🙂 J/K

Other than that issue with Bravo, all is well here. Take care. I hope no more of your track meets get snowed out!


Uncle Michael

PS: I took a quick look under Sonia’s house after I got home, and the cat seems to have made it out OK.

April 7, 2007

13th Annual Santa Anita Derby Day 5K Run & Walk

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I finished in 31st place out of 915 entrants in the “Masters Division” (40-and-over) at the 13th Annual Santa Anita Derby Day 5K Run & Walk. Everyone from the Elite Fitness Bootcamp team had a good day.

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