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February 20, 2005

Kitty Gets Away

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Kaelyn drove Dekker up north for the weekend to extract remnants of a couple of broken teeth (that appears to have gone smoothly), so I am left alone at home with Reggie, Bravo, and the pouring rain. This morning, we had a break in the torrents, so I quickly threw leashes onto Reggie and Bravo and headed out for a tour of the neighborhood.

Here and there, I could swear the clouds thinned enough for us briefly to cast shadows, so we went on a longer-than-normal walk. Many of the usually interesting smells must have washed away in the storms because, without so many sniff stops, we covered a lot of ground in our half hour out.

Once back home, Bravo did exactly what he and Dekker usually do after a hike (unless the food bowls get picked up): he went to the backyard to see if anything had changed while he was away. I hung the leashes up, and then, passing through the kitchen on the way to my desk, I saw Bravo chasing a small black animal at the back of the yard.

My number-one fear was that he had Phoebe, the next door neighbor’s sweet, club-pawed cat. The two turned towards the house, and with them coming towards me, I saw that it was not Phoebe. Pfeww! But still, I did not want him to kill this cat in the backyard.

Bravo, of course, did not share my sentiment. At the lemon tree, he grabed the cat, chomping down firmly. This next detail, I am not sure how it came about: it could have been my shouting (not likely), or the scratching, biting, hissing of the cat, but whatever it was, Bravo let go. And the cat had enough strength to scoot away and climb over the five-foot wall at the side of the yard.

Now, I guess some people already knew this, but I only a few months ago found out one thing that cats do when in distress. They pee. What’s worse… they pee cat pee. And it stinks like cat pee. So Bravo stunk of cat pee (a bad odor, Bel). I toweled him off so that he would not spread the smell all over the house, but I knew I would be bathing him shortly.

But there are two bits of good news: First, Bravo is not likely to be infected by any of the scratches and bites because he just started yesterday on a course of antibiotics for the coyote bites he got on Friday. (But I need Kaelyn to approve that story before I send it out; she was the only one to witness Bravo and Dekker roll the ‘yote.) And second, Dekker was not here, so there was no tug-of-kitty under the lemon tree.

Back at my desk, with Bravo finally settled down in a dog bed, and with me feeling relieved that the cat got away, I was going through the routine of paying bills and answering Email messages when a front-door knock startled a string of barks out of Bravo. At first, I thought it was just someone selling Jesus on a Sunday morning, but it turned out to be the biker chicks from the street behind ours. They asked if I knew anyone who had a black cat or if I had seen one around. I did tell them about Bravo’s discussions with one and that it got away. After leaving this yard, the cat apparently went over to their yard (they also own a dog, which happened to be inside at the time), and they saw it in their yard and tried to check up on it.

The cat was afraid of them and headed north a couple of houses to hide in the bushes. It appeared to them to have some injuries, so they were trying to locate its owner. I checked a couple of houses around here, but could not find anyone to claim it either.

Bravo got his bath.

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