Rappelling in Texas Canyon

Beth took Kellie, Perla, Kendall, Ricky, and me to Texas Canyon (near Agua Dulce, CA) for some rock climbing and rappelling on Saturday afternoon, January 30. This is a five-and-a-half minute jump through some of our time.

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2016 World Weightlifting Championships — Live Streams

Some sessions here:

(with the remainder on ESPN3.)

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Kennedy’s Undelivered Speech

On the day John F. Kennedy was killed, November 22, 1963, he was on his way to deliver a speech in Dallas, TX, related to US security matters. Here are a few excerpts:

We cannot expect that everyone, to use the phrase of a decade ago, will “talk sense to the American people.” But we can hope that fewer people will listen to nonsense.

The United States is a peaceful nation. And where our strength and determination are clear, our words need merely to convey conviction, not belligerence. If we are strong, our strength will speak for itself. If we are weak, words will be of no help.

For this Nation’s strength and security are not easily or cheaply obtained, nor are they quickly and simply explained. There are many kinds of strength and no one kind will suffice.

Finally, it should be clear by now that a nation can be no stronger abroad than she is at home. Only an America which practices what it preaches about equal rights and social justice will be respected by those whose choice affects our future. Only an America which has fully educated its citizens is fully capable of tackling the complex problems and perceiving the hidden dangers of the world in which we live. And only an America which is growing and prospering economically can sustain the worldwide defenses of freedom, while demonstrating to all concerned the opportunities of our system and society.

Full text of undelivered speech.

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Windows 10 Takes Port 80

In trying to run a server that listens on port 80 (successfully on Windows XP and Windows 7), I found that the service could not attach to port 80 after I updated to Windows 10. It turns out that, as part of the upgrade, Microsoft has the “World Wide Web Publishing Service (W3SVC)” listen automatically on that port.

The fix: run “services.msc”, stop the World Wide Web Publishing Service (W3SVC), and then change its Startup Type to either “Manual” or “Disabled”.

Thanks go to DeveloperSide.NET for pointing this out!

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Lava Falls Rapid — July 2, 2015

Eric, Beth, Rex, Amy, Christine, and I paddled together through the Lava Falls Rapids on the Colorado River in Grand Canyon. Our guide, Tom, led us through flawlessly. Many thanks go to Outdoors Unlimited for the spectacular week-long experience! On this day (July 2, 2015) the river was flowing at about 17,000 cfs.

The rapid went smoothly for our boat (the first paddle boat of our group to go through), but after those quick thirty seconds passed, we spent the following two and a half minutes positioning ourselves for swimmers who washed out of their boats behind us.

Everyone from our four paddle rafts and four supply boats eventually made it to Tequila Beach for our overnight camp. Marco arrived nursing a sore knee from an impact in the raft.

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CicLAvia Comes to Pasadena

A brief portion of my ride along the CicLAvia route this afternoon…

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Lonely Tree


Friday afternoon in the foggy fire-damaged mountains along Mt. Waterman Trail.

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“Fight” Featuring Weightlifters — Including Masters

I found this video moving … and envy the speed of the old guy’s movements.

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Showing WordPress System

One of my co-workers visited today and asked me about blogging. I am putting together this post just to show how easy it is.

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Hubble Ultra Deep Field in 3D

The Deep Astronomy channel on YouTube presents some cool stuff from space, including this one looking back over 13 billion years ago. The Hubble Space Telescope zooms in on an apparently-barren patch of space and then software gives us a virtual “fly-through.”

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